You woke up in a strange village.
Everyone looks exactly like you, it's night all day and everyone is immortal.
Strange things also go on in the villagers' homes.

Can you escape from this strange village?


  • Movement -WASD, Arrow keys or Mouse
  • Overview - Q or Shift
  • Progress (Ritual) - E or CTRL

Font credits:
[ codeman38 | | ]

All 1.0 assets were made within the 48 hour timeline
1.0  was made within 48 hours for "Weekend Jam #4 - Night"

Install instructions

I couldn't test all versions of the game.

If a version doesn't work, please contact me


The Stranger in Town Mac 29 MB
The Stranger in Town Linux 18 MB
The Stranger in Town Windows 17 MB

Development log

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