In My Garden you have your own personal garden. You can do whatever you want. It's your garden and only you can decide what you do with it. You can grow flowers and make a pretty colorful garden


  • WASD or Arrow Keys to move
  • Space to grab or place something
  • F11 toggles Fullscreen


  • Water your plants everyday so they can grow or breed
  • There are many different colors and 2 flower species. You can get them al through breeding
  • You can start a new day by going to your bed


Do you want an update after the jam or do you have ideas for new features?

I also have many ideas left for this game

Made by Finn Pickart - Spring2DJam - 2021

Font credits: [ codeman38 | | ]

Install instructions

I couldn't test all versions of the game.
If a version doesn't work, please contact me


My Garden Windows (1.1) 22 MB
My Garden Mac (1.1) 34 MB
My Garden Linux (1.1) 23 MB
Flower Jam (Soundtrack) 9 MB
Title screen (Soundtrack) 4 MB

Development log

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