Ideas for the next update?

Many of you wished for an update so I've decided to fulfill this wish and even let you decide what I'm gonna do.

I've already implemented new features which will be available after the voting ended.

This includes a save system, visitors, minor changes, bug fixes and I'm already working on new features.

Now, I'm gonna list a few things from my todo list and you can share your opinion about them.

  • More flowers and a better flower system (and other types of plants like bushes, trees etc.)
  • Animals
  • Food (to feed the animals)
  • Crafting, Decoration & Furniture

What do you think about these idea? Do you have more ideas on how I can improve the game?

Please keep in mind, that I'm currently working on other projects too like Donut Seduction 2.0 so I can't work full-time on My Garden. In general, I want to rework all of my old games and this is currently my main priority. As long as the voting isn't over, I will focus completely on My Garden but once it's over and the post-jam-patch is released, my focus will shift on the release of Donut Seduction 2.0 and my other old games. I hope you understand this.

Have fun,

Finn Pickart


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May 02, 2021
My Garden Windows (1.0) 22 MB
May 02, 2021
My Garden Mac (1.0) 34 MB
May 02, 2021
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May 02, 2021

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