You play as a donut and you have to try not to be eaten.
To get points you have to provoke and set traps

Problems in the browser?

The donut doesn't follow my mouse

Move the cursor out of the window and then back in

The game is not responding to my keyboard

Click in the window and try again


  • Use the mouse the move
  • Press SPACE to place a trap
  • Press C to change the selected trap


 Boost - Gives a speed boost (Cooldown 1s)

 Slime - You get stuck for a few seconds (Cooldown 2s)

Brake - Makes you slower (Cooldown 2s)

 Donut - A mini version of you, the perfect distraction  (Cooldown 2s)

Oil - Changes the direction of movement (Cooldown 3s)

Trap - Instant death (Cooldown 15s)

Font used:

[ codeman38 | | ]

All 1.0 assets were made within the 72 hour timeline

1.0  was made within 72 hours for "Mini Jam 66 - Sweets"

Install instructions

I couldn't test all versions of the game.

If a version doesn't work, please contact me


Donut Seduction Windows 15 MB
Donut Seduction Mac 16 MB
Donut Seduction Linux 16 MB
Donut Seduction Android 22 MB

Development log


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