You are a ghost and you are trapped in the Ghostbuster's mansion.

Save your friend and escape together

Warning: This game contains flashing lights (up to 0.25 Second Interval)

There are NO JUMPSCARES in the Game, everyone can play it

This is my first Game Jam und to be honest my first FINISHED Project too.

 I hope you like it, have fun :)

"Ghostbuster Mansion" is not related to the movie "Ghostbusters"

Please note:

I couldn't test the game on all devices, if there is any bug, feel free to contact me.


  • WASD
  • Arrow Keys
  • Touchscreen/Mouse

Changelog 1.1 (October 10, 2020)

  • Some levels have been adjusted
  • Jack-o-lanterns can now explode
  • UI has been updated

Changelog 1.2 (April 15, 2021)

  • Some levels have been adjusted
  • Better visibility

Upcoming Update 2.0 (Halloween 2021)

Planned features:

  • Your feedback
  • Save game
  • 2 more chapters
  • Endless mode

    All 1.0 assets were made within the 48 hour timeline for the Spooky 2D Jam 2020

    Font credits:
    [ codeman38 | | ]

    Install instructions

    Unfortunately, I was unable to test the game on all devices, so some things may not work


    Ghostbuster Mansion Windows 16 MB
    Ghostbuster Mansion Mac 17 MB
    Ghostbuster Mansion Linux 17 MB
    Ghostbuster Mansion Android 22 MB

    Development log


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    me: try 3,try 4,....try8.....try15............................try32 lmao. Great JOB!


    Thank you :) I hope you had fun, even during try 32

    good game,enjoyed it simple but nice pixel art ,but music was too repetative like try atleast 30sec of clip for looping from next time.

    Thanks for the feedback I can understand you, I wasnt really satisfied with the music too